• For battery master, choose TYKOO
    For battery master, choose TYKOO
    Heat and frost resistance / 10 times life span / Intelligent and powerful
  • Extreme Challenge·X Series Lithium Battery
    Extreme Challenge·X Series Lithium Battery
    Whether it is a hot summer day or an ice world, we will always escort you!
  • R Series Lithium Battery
    R Series Lithium Battery
    Improve fuel efficiency and improve engine power

About us

Dongguan Glory New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Guoning Industrial Park, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a company that independently develops, produces and sells lithium-ion battery packs (such as lithium iron phosphate) batteries and LiFePO4 cars battery

Since its establishment, Glory has been dedicated to serving global consumers who have requirements for power, energy storage, backup power and special power supplies for nearly 10 years. Now, it has become a professional provider of customized solutions and products for lithium-ion batteries.

We look forward to the future with an open mind and continue to strengthen global strategic cooperation. Faced with the ever-changing personalization and diversified global needs of customers, we adhere to the service policy of "Customized R&D-24 hours response time-72 hours solution-10 years of maintenance", committed to providing customers with customized lithium-ion battery pairs Global users have better competitive solutions and products, and go hand in hand with global users and partners for common development.

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Digital real-time 

monitoring system

Well pattern 

stiffener design

Vertical stable 

base design

Metal switch button

Refined metal 

copper pillar

High-quality plastic 

sealed upper cover


Development Path

  • 2012 Year—Glory New Energy Technology was established
  • 2013 Year—Started cooperating with American retail acquisition and development company and obtained ISO19001 certification and CE certification
  • 2014 Year—Participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and started using SKB (Italy)
  • 2015 Year—Use automatic welding machine to start 12v7Ah, start research and development of new products of lithium start battery
  • 2016 Year—Built another new assembly workshop, equipped with 2000 Squire meters, and the number of overseas customers reached 25
  • 2017 Year—The factory passed the inspection of the State Environmental Protection Administration, participated in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and established an independent workshop for LiFePO4 lithium batteries
  • 2018 Year—Established a new independent factory in Jiangxi and changed the company name from Starlight Power Technology Co., Ltd. to Starlight Power Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 2019 Year—Adjusted the company’s marketing strategy and team structure, and started using the company’s new logo and new VI set


Fu Lei

Fu Lei

General manager
Wang Lixiang

Wang Lixiang

Kevin Xiang

Kevin Xiang

Sales Manager
Zhou Jun

Zhou Jun

Business Manager
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